Empowered Living with Steph Demetrious


“I believe we all have a divinely unique light of purpose, love and bliss that lies within. It’s when we find the courage to let go of the conditioned beliefs, thoughts and ‘should’s’ and journey within, that we truly connect with our authentic intuitive magic and experience the true bliss and limitless possibilities of life” Steph Demetrious


Loooooove those words……..This week on the blog I’m excited to kick off the new year with this gorgeous interview with the stunning Steph Demetrious.

Steph is a self discovery and spiritual teacher, grounded in the practices of Kinesiology and Reiki, empowering women to live their dreams through inspiring intuitive living!

Steph’s core message is to learn to listen to, trust and honour your intuition. Every answer we seek is within us. There is not one question that we cannot FEEL the answer to, and find if we take the time to get to know our inner guru.

Steph works with women who want to LIVE their dreams. Women who want to find the courage to dust off their shelved dreams, let go of old limiting beliefs and habits and reconnect with the truth of who they are! Women who are inspired and empowered and excited to live out their dream life.

Steph LOVES crystals, essential oils and grounding in nature. She also adores spending time with her beautiful hubby, 2 gorgeous kids and creating the life of our dreams together.


‘Choose your day, don’t let your day choose you’ means to me….

To define my own rules in life and to live each day doing things that make me feel good! It means starting the day with an intention of how I’d like my day to go. It means blending all areas of my life as a Mummy, Wife, Biz owner, Sister, Daughter, Friend, and having some ‘Me’ time in there too :) And being present in as many moments as possible and living each moment as I if I chose it.


The daily rituals I use to support and empower my life are…

Some present time with my Hubby and both of my kids every day is a must. Setting a morning intention. When I actually remember to do it, my day flows with so much more ease. I meditate daily with either Belinda Davidson’s Chakra cleanse or Sonesence True North album and a hand full of my cleansing crystals placed on my chakras. I use essential oils every day to keep me grounded, connected to my truth, energized, relaxed, and the list goes on! Nourishing food and lots of water to keep me going and some form of movement, either a walk, jog, bike ride, yoga or some weights. I’m a big routine person, but am learning to be flexible with what that looks like on a daily basis.


When I find myself feeling a bit negative, to transition into a more positive mindset I…

STOP whatever i’m doing and do one of the following: move, meditate, crystal healing, ask my spiritual support team for some advice, journal, allow myself to feel the discomfort in order to allow it to release, diffuse my essential oils, ground myself in mother nature.

I’ve been through a few big patches of negativity and digging big holes in which to sit and feel sorry for myself. I’ve learned over time that having a regular, daily self care ritual helps to keep me in touch with my ego and mind and allows me to work through it with so much more ease.


To show myself love and kindness I….

Meditate, exercise, have a bath and read a book, spend time making delicious nutritious foods, listen to my fave music, honour my intuition, play with my crystals and essential oils and redesign my alter in my spiritual space, spend time bringing my dreams to life, allow myself space in every day and not book in a crazy busy schedule, and do what lights me up!


The thing I absolutely love about myself is….

The amount of love I have for my family and friends. Tears of love and gratitude is a regular thing for me! Hehe!


The hardest personal challenge I have experienced in life is…

The hardest challenge for me has been hands down learning to work with my ego. It’s been learning that fears are just our ego wanting to stay comfortable and stop us from expanding into our truth and the magnificence that we are. It’s been learning to listen to those voices of doubt, fear and lacking and release them. But also to learn to release the old beliefs and energy patterns that they originate from.

My ego had me believe that I’m not good enough to live my dreams, that I don’t deserve to live my dreams, that I never will, and so many more lies. I’ve learned over time to diffuse these thoughts and turn them into empowering thoughts and beliefs and step into the truth of who I am and work towards living my dreams, which I am currently living now! It’s been an amazing journey, and I believe we all have these demons in our head that we can either let defeat us, or we can realise how powerful we really are, and that we can create any change in life that we desire.


To prepare and plan for my week ahead, the top 3 things I do are…

  • Write my plans in my diary
  • Do the food shopping at the start of the week
  • Set an intention for the week ahead


My absolute favourite go-to meal to nourish the body and soul is…

A massive bowl of steamed vegies! Sounds boring huh;) I’ve loooooooved them since I was a little kid and could eat them all day long! We constantly have a massive bowl in the fridge that we snack on, feels so fresh and energizing eating them.


When I need a bit of inspiration, my favourite online gurus to google are…

There are so many amazing gurus out there! I particularly love:

  • Gabby Bernstein
  • Wayne Dyer
  • Lisa Messenger
  • Meg O’Sullivan
  • Tara Bliss
  • Jamie Gonzalez


The greatest lesson I have learnt is…

To trust in my intuition 100%, for everything! Hands down the greatest lesson f my life!


My advice if you are feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed in life and unsure of what you can do to change how you are feeling about yourself or a particular situation, is…

To stop and take a break, create some space to clear your mind and know that our thoughts create the way we feel. Allow yourself to release you’re feelings and thoughts by writing it down or speaking to a friend. Sit with the intention of asking my intuition for guidance. Then shift into gratitude for everything that you love about your life. Whatever we focus on expands, so allow yourself some time to focus on the things in life that have you feeling great. If I ever need a bit of extra guidance I call on my ‘Healing Team’, and book a session with my one of my incredible intuitive and energetic healers to support me to gain some clarity and refocus.




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Instagram: @StephDemetrious


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