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“For me choosing my day means to actively be in the drivers seat of my own life and consciously make decisions (and choices) that serve me in that day or moment.”

This week I am excited to introduce you to Chloe from One Infinite Life.  She is one of those beautiful souls whose infectious love and warmth you can just feel through your computer screen! I recently completed Chloe’s free email series ‘The 28 day Gratitude Project’ which I found to be an absolute game changer in developing a gratitude practice, so make sure you check out her website to find out when enrolments for the next round open!

Wise beyond her years, Chloe picked up her first self development book when she was 12 and started practicing gratitude and meditation when she was just 13.

Chloe is a now a life coach and writer with a background in psychology and is super passionate about helping women who have a desire to consciously create a life they love and to redefine what they think is possible for them. She is a big believer that life is full of limitless possibilities and that each and every one of us has the infinite power to create our own reality.

Grab a cuppa beautiful – let’s dive in:


‘Choose your day, don’t let your day choose you’ means to me….

I have the power to make conscious choices about my day.

For me choosing my day means to actively be in the driver’s seat of my own life and consciously make decisions (and choices) that serve me in that day or moment.

For me it also means surrendering to the stuff that’s outside my control — even though this may be contradictory to the above — and instead recognising that my power lies in how I choose to respond or react to the things I cannot control.


The daily rituals I use to support and empower my life are…

There aren’t any specific rituals that are non-negotiable for me to do daily, because I find that it doesn’t serve me to put pressure on myself to do certain things every day, and it ends up with me feeling overwhelmed and anxious — which doesn’t serve me at all.

So for me my daily ritual comes down to this: giving myself permission to do whatever I need to do (in any given moment) to feel good.

On most days the things I do to support and empower myself are: drinking a whole lot of water, practicing gratitude (even if it’s just in my thoughts), finding some sort of stillness or mindfulness (usually through meditation — but honestly not always), and engaging in some sort of movement.


When I find myself feeling a bit negative, to transition into a more positive mindset I…

Practice gratitude. Because it’s seriously powerful stuff! Whenever I’m in a funk or want to snap myself out of a downward spiral of negativity, gratitude is one of my go-to tools. To do this I might write down 3 things that I’m grateful for and why, or I might even try to find a way to be grateful for what I am perceiving as “negative”.

I also change my state by physically moving my body with walking, yoga, my new obsession: Wabi-sabi workouts, or even just a one person dance party in my office or lounge room to some funky tunes. I find exercise to be a really powerful way to have a more positive mindset in general, and it’s effective at helping me get out of a funk.


To show myself love and kindness I….

Give myself permission to do whatever I need to do to feel good on a moment-to-moment basis, without judgement or resentment.

I also focus on filling myself up first, before I try to give through creating things, serving others, showing up for my clients, or anything to be honest.

I find that for me, putting myself first and making sure my needs are met (whatever they may be in that moment) before I try to do anything else, is the ultimate way to show myself love and kindness.


The hardest personal challenge I have experienced in life is…

This is such a great question because I really believe that we all have our own unique challenges that we have to face in life.

I would say one of the more difficult challenges I continue to face is dealing with my anxiety — which is something I haven’t (yet) overcome, and perhaps I never will.

It’s something that has really challenged me, but now I accept that it is apart of me and maybe always will be in my life — and I’m happy to co-exist with it now.

I work on dealing with this by making conscious decisions that I know serve me and help me keep anxiety at bay. And I know that when my anxiety gets really bad, it’s a sign that I need to take better care of myself. Plus I’m now a lot better at getting more support for it, if I need it.


To prepare and plan for my week ahead, the top 3 things I do are…

  • I make sure I’ve taken time for me and done things to fill myself up first. I know that in order for me to be able to do my best work, in a way that’s sustainable, I need to create and give from a full tank. So looking after myself always comes first, and what that involves depends on whatever I may need in that moment.
  • On a more practical note, each week I will make a list of all the tasks I want to do for that week, so each day I can focus on working on a few of the most important things. This brings a whole lot of ease and flow into my week, and ensures I’m spending time on what’s most important and also allows me to find pockets for myself during the week as well.
  • Eating well is something that’s really important to me (and I’m obsessed with food!) So each week I like to take some time to prepare some snacks and food in advance so it’s really easy to eat (even if I have limited time) and it helps me feel good.


My absolute favourite go-to meal to nourish the body and soul is…

Fish with roasted sweet potatoes and a huge pile of greens, or roast chicken with heaps of roast vegetables, or chicken and vegetable soup.


My advice if you are feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed in life and unsure of what you can do to change how you are feeling about yourself or a particular situation, is…

If the how and why you got to this place has you going around in circles, stop, and focus on doing what makes you feel good, prioritise having fun and make sure you take super good care of yourself, and you will find that the answers will come.

Also, whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed in life I like to get clear about what is and isn’t working in my life, what I want more and less of, and how I want to feel. Then I make some conscious decisions based on the insights I’ve uncovered from the above, and then — most importantly — I take small actions.



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